Porcupine Design

Porcupine Design a full service design firm in Bar Harbor, Maine


Located out of Bar Harbor, Maine and dedicated to illustrating messages, Porcupine Design is a creative agency dedicated to getting your message across with emotion and heft. We love all aspects of design from graphic, environmental, functional, and architectural.  Our clients range from small museums to private colleges, to local business, to national parks and international laboratories.  We feed on the collaborative process and hanging with with other designers as well as architects, artists, data collectors, business owners, curators, engineers, psychologists, teachers, friends, family — well pretty much anyone.

208707_502635363991_1664_nPorcupine Design was founded by Danielle Meier, a graduate of College of the Atlantic. She is dedicated to all aspects of design as well as the interdisciplinary nature of the collaborative process. The design porcupine spiked her when she discovered her interest of advanced calculus, psychology, education, and art are all intertwined within design.


Porcupines can be a prickly subject but are quite striking. At Porcupine Design we strive to create stark designs for clients in order to foster strong emotional response and resonance. Porcupine delivers design with an edge — and sometimes, even adorableness. And even while you are walking around the town of Bar Harbor you may see a couple of porcupines, some perhaps may even be in the shape of little islands off in Frenchman Bay. Don’t worry, we’ll never hibernate.

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