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COA Senior Project — A Study of Friendship and Thyroid Cancer

From the exhibit statement:

Friendships serve as support groups during difficult times in our lives. These are portraits of friends that supported the artist during her experience with thyroid cancer. The absence of faces are symbolic of the lack of verbal communication during the artist’s treatment. The colors and gestures represent the subject’s identity. The detail in the clothes give the subject depth and dimension. The gestures picked are symbolic of there being more to friendship support than just verbal communication.

Special thanks: Thyroid Cancer Survivor’s Association (Thyca.org), Dru Colbert, Jennifer Fannin, Nickilynn Estologa, Tom Rush, Nataliya Ilyashenko, Hannah Hastings, David Francis, Donna McFarland, Ivan Willig, Danielle Mace, Megan Tate, Amy Casebier, Noah Kleiner, Josh Rubenoff David Hales, Lynn Havsall, Noah Krell, Alexa Pezzano, and the Meier Family.

Danielle Kristi-ann Meier, Digital Illustration Inkjet Prints, 2008

magazine portraits together


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